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change matter for amc service page :- we have sold number of AMC PLANS for our corporate customers and high esteem customers , which they need for their employees purchase program as the when handsets are purchased in bulk for the staff , its possible that the user may not give the care to the device and its possible that the handset may get rejected from the authorised service center, at Toughees Telecom we offer AMC service for mobile phone as well amc service for tablets or amc service for macbooks , which help these organizations to control the budget of not buying new device again & agian. we have plans designed on amc services as per different users, connect with the sales officer at our office and he will tell you more about it. We provide the Amc of every brand device.If in future you accidentally drop your gadget or any misshapping happens then you don’t need to worry just come at Toughees Telecom. We are providing AMC for every Brand and every model have their different AMC prices..In amc we cover screen replacement,camera replacement, software solutions ,etc are include.

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