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Why choose Toughees Telecom for Redmi Mobile Repair?

Damage to your phone will ruin both things, your mood and day. Everyone connected to you will also feel it difficult to work. Phone is an important part of our daily life, whether it’s work or home, the phone is the biggest assistant everywhere these days.

However, rather than sulking over the damaged device, we suggest that you give us a call. At our Redmi Mobile repair center in Delhi, we can fix your Mobile and spruce it up as well.

We only use genuine Mobile parts in your repair service. Our Mobile Phone Repair technicians are experts and fix all types of issues effectively, and they handle the repairs for all Redmi models. You can trust Toughees Telecom when it comes to repairing your  Electronic Gadgets

We are your one-stop shop for Mobile screen repair,  battery replacement, water-damaged device repair, camera and sound repair, faulty charger repair, and for repair or replacement of other Redmi Mobile components. We are the safest and the most reliable and the best Redmi Mobile repair service in Delhi.

Repair Services We Offer:

The most common issue in a phone is a Cracked Screen. Don’t worry, at Toughies Telecom, we’ll replace your screen with an original Redmi screen and in no time. We have highly expert team in that.

Display replacement is kind of same as a screen repair but it’s just a little more hectic. But don’t worry, our team will take care of that.

As the battery get’s old, its power decreases. It’s not worth throwing a phone just because of poor battery, get the battery replaced in no time and use your device with power like new.

Hand over your device to us when you encounter charging port related issues. Our experienced technicians will fix the problematic charging port with utmost care and professionalism

Buttons are one of the most used hardware and it’s obvious if they shows some problem. Don’t worry our experts will take care of your device and make sure it works properly

Any issues with your mobile phone speakers bring it to Toughees Telecom repair centre in Safdarjung Enclave, we’ll check and resolve it.

If your device headphone jack isn’t functioning properly bring your device for a checkup.

Is your Redmi Mobile camera not working properly? Is it blurry or anything else? bring it to toughies telecom and we will repair any sort of camera issue in your device

If your wifi or bluetooth isn’t working it can be a hardware or a software issue, bring it to us and we will get it repaired.

Hand over your device to us when you device is water damaged. Our experienced technicians will resolve the issue with utmost care and professionalism

Any issues with your mobile phone internal hardware or the motherboard. Bring it to Toughees Telecom repair centre in Safdarjung Enclave, we’ll check all the issues related to internal hardware of your redmi phone and repair it or replace it with original parts.

Redmi Mobile Phones We Repair

From Redmi Note Series to Prime, S and T. We repair all mobile phone models of Redmi.

Our Redmi Mobile Repair Procedure

Bring Your

Tell us what wrong you feel about your device.


We'll analyze the device and figure out the issue.

Instant Iphone

We'll repair your device right in front of you.

Take Your Phone

After the phone is repaired, take it back and use it.

Toughees Pick & Drop Service

Don’t have enough time in your busy schedule? Toughees Telecom offers pick and drop service in Delhi/NCR. Our agent will pick your device from your given address and deliver it back after repairing the device.

How To Prepare Your Mobile Before You Come For Repair Service

  • Although, we will not steal your data, but, before you arrive at our Customer Service Center please backup your data and remove your private data.
  • If the device isn’t working, you can’t back up the data, it’s not a problem.
  • Keep the device in a safe bag to carry so you don’t damage the device more while carrying.
  • Bring all the accessories that you use with the device commonly.

Our Location

Toughees Telecom iPhone Repair Center is located in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi.
Proper Address:- Shop No. 7, In the Basement Of Reliance Fresh Building, Arjun Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi, 110029

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