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Well it happens with all of us , we keep on upgrading by buying new phones & our old gadget gets stationed in unknown corners of our home , at Toughees Telecom is a one stop solution for all your phone needs. You can sell your old phones  working or non working, visit us to buy a new phone and we will value your old stocks and pay the balance & that’s it.. We guarantee best prices for your phones.We understand the value your mobile phone holds for you. We offer the best market price for your used phones on your visit . We are extremely customer centric and believe in serving our customers to their satisfaction. Specially in the corporate sector we were appreciated for this buyback plan, as we were able to clear their bulk inventory of these types of old mobile & tabs.


What’s refurbished mobile?

Another question we answer almost every day,  there are customers who dont want to sell off their old stock rather want it to be refurb and then start using again, so at Toughees Telecom we are masters on this and have been doing this for many years, we make the old look new by repairing the isssue  and then giving the gadget a facelift . This saves the budget  


We are not just ENABLES you to SELL but also, BUY, RECYCLE, ACCESSORIZE & REPAIR your smartphone, so that every time you visit us, you get all that you need

This is the PLATFORM that you can Sell your old phone and get an instant discount of the same upgrade.

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