Samsung tablet Repairing in Delhi

Samsung Tablet Repairing Service Center in Delhi

Tablet repairs can be an expensive affair but we at Toughees Telecom Tab Service Center provide best-in-class spares and services to fix any issue that you are facing with your Tablet. From major issues like cracked screen to minor issues like jammed music switch, Toughees Telecom Tab Service Center ensures that every device is attended to with absolute attention to detail and brought to complete perfection. Our Samsung Tab Service Center Available in delhi.

This repair will swap both the screens of front glass / touch screen digitizer / LCD display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab . Assuming that it has been split, crushed or touch control non responsive and the LCD picture is likewise draining, broken, broken, no backdrop illumination, spotless screen, dead pixels or ink stains.

We stock components for all major Smartphone and Tablet manufacturers enabling us to provide the fastest turnaround time for all major repairs. We utilize grade A Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts so that you know you’re getting the best quality repair with the best parts and back our repair services with a good warranty on all parts and workmanship. Our professional technicians have a reputation for customer service – and the experience to bring your tablet back to life. We also provide services like Apple ipad repair in delhi, Ipad service center in delhi, blackberry playbook repair delhi, blackberry playbook service center in delhi, Samsung galaxy tab repair in delhi, Samsung galaxy tab service center in delhi.

This repair will trade the outer touch /glass screen and internal LCD screen and additionally the complete Back Housing (Black or white) incorporating both the glass and plastic underneath. This is if the outside screen has been split, scratched, no more drawn out reacts to touch, the inner screen is broken, has no showcase, has ink stains, a few lines or if the back lodging (Black or white) has likewise been split, crushed or harmed.

We can totally change over your Samsung Galaxy Tab to Black to White or White to Black. This Convert Includes: Front Glass/ Touch Screen and LCD- Home Button Back Housing.

We’ll pick up your device, repair your Samsung tab, and deliver it at your doorstep. Just give us a call or contact us online and we’ll do the rest. Enjoy super-fast service which is surprisingly simple and incredibly fast.

Toughees telecom offers professional, high-quality laptop repairing in delhi ncr, Tablet repairing services in delhi ncr, Smartphone repairing in delhi ncr at competitive pricing in Delhi ncr. Our services include, but are not limited to, laptop/phablet/tablet/ mobile service or repair & then delivered within the comfort of your residential or business location in Delhi. we can assure you of prompt and economical service in laptop & mobile repair services. Give us a call, and we would pick up – repair- deliver your broken or not functioning laptop or mobile or tablet.

We will repair any issue revealed with the Headphone jack on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. We will also displace the reception apparatus on your Samsung Galaxy Tab to settle any sign or Wi-Fi issues.

Battery/Charging port Service Samsung Galaxy Tab

This repair will supplant the electric cell (Battery) of your Samsung Galaxy Tab assuming that it is not enduring exceptionally long between charges. In the event that your Samsung Galaxy Tab is not synchronizing or charging we will repair the dock connector.

Power button Service Samsung Galaxy Tab

We will repair any issue identified with the power button depicting issues on or off backing on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Volume and mute button Service Samsung Galaxy Tab 

What can Toughees Telecom do for you?

Certainly,our Samsung Tablet service center is pretty optimistic we can help.Any kind of problem you run into with your Samsung Tablet hardware or software.We offer a diagnostic of your device with similar benefits as our other services.



The qualified technicians at Toughees Telecom perform a quick repair of your valuable Samsung gadget, so you can get back to your daily routine in no time.



We offer a good   warranty on all our repaired Samsung devices as per the component and for the cases to case basis. If you face any problem with the device we will fix it without any charge.



Toughees Telecom offers a Selective pick and Drop facility for customers who are not able to visit us due to corona time guidelines/ senior citizens/ busy working at home / busy with household chores / physically handicap/ or any valid reason . It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just call and schedule and we will ensure that we are able to do everything in good Turnaround time.



We don’t charge even a single penny when performing a diagnosis of your cracked or broken Samsung device.

Few latest Samsumg Tablet Models which we repair

samsung tablet repairing

Samsung S series tablet repair

SamsungAs series tablet repair

we repair each and every model of Samsung Tablet Smartphones

There are apparently many Samsung repair centers in Delhi Ncr, but there are some reasons that why you must choose Toughees Telecom above all, that includes:

No matter what issue you are facing with your Samsung, we are here to serve you. In order to address the issue with your device as fast as possible, we perform a quick diagnosis. Your device is repaired depending on the kind of issue. We will fix your Samsung in a manner that you won’t be facing any such problem with your device in future.

Common issues and repairs our technicians solves in daily basis

Samsung screen replacement
Samsung battery replacement
Samsung power button replacement
Samsung back glass replacement
Samsung software issue
Samsung Mother board board repair

Other Issues

Samsung Tab camera replacement
Samsung Tab charging dock replacement
Samsung Tab Wifi/Network Antenna
Samsung Tab Water/Physical
damage repairing
Samsung Tab headphone jack replacement
Samsung Tab Home Button

You are most welcome to get a hold of us even if your Tablet’s issues isn’t mentioned in the above list – we are an emerging shop in Delhi ncr and our goal is to win customers’ confidence by delivering the finest solutions to the people of Delhi Ncr within the committed timelines Samsung Tablet’s Repair Delhi Ncr.

Quick Contact for Samsung tablet Repairing in Delhi Ncr


Yes we provide service for all latest Samsung models. We also provide doorstep service to all corporate sectors of Delhi Ncr.



We do not have any branches except as mentioned in the contact us page , Be aware of our imitation . Every nook and corner has Samsung repair experts and in our trade we receive feedback of misrepresentation on which we act very promptly and report , our brand name “Toughees Telecom “ is patent reserved; any misuse will imply legal action.


Service for Special customers

We have visiting as well reference customers of high esteem Bureaucrats/ Politicians/ Ex serviceman/ EXpats . we  understand their need for an instant time bound repair solution. Mostly their Samsung Tablet’s repair are done in exclusive time and in shortest timeline as of their time need and with all need precautions of data security , we only allow their visiting officer or themselves  to be part of our repair table as to be very assured on their confidentiality matters ,  we have been highly acknowledged and recommended for our special attention with these customers.


I am a visiting foreigner.

Welcome to INDIA , we understand your need for Samsung repair and your time limitation , your language understanding at Toughees telecom. We have all visiting customers recommended from embassies ,Travel house and google search. We understand your Samsung repair needs, as well if you need Samsung country unlocking support. Just call us and come !

We also provide

IPAD 4 Repairing
IPAD 3 Repairing
IPAD 2 Repairing
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