Mobile insurance

Being working with corporate customers we always had a question from them what is the benefit of buying mobile from Toughees Telecom, So if we talk for a particular Brand to start with the answer is that we being the authrorized BYOD /B2B partners of Samsung India , most of the handsets are Insured for ADLD & THEFT , so this was a bIg relief for the orders we recieve , apart from that as we are the Premium Partner for Ingram Micro India and they offer wide plans on Mobile /Gadget Insurance , so next order you place to us on Smartphone / tab / Macbook / laptop etc , you can always check with the desk officer for the Insurance plan available for your purchase. Mobile insurance is not compulsory; however, getting one for your mobile or smartphone will surely go a long way in saving you from financial losses related to its theft or damage. Let us understand the need for mobile insurance and how the coverage can come to your rescue in tackling various situations.


*** Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation of the Provider.