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MacBook Repairing Service Center in Delhi

Having a problem with your MacBook? Looking for a reliable and professional MacBook service center in Delhi NCR? You have come to the right place. Toughees Telecom  is the best service center for MacBook repairs in delhi Ncr, specialises in repairs of all models of MacBook Pro Retina.MacBook Air.

Don’t wait another moment to get your MacBook repaired! If you’re experiencing any issues or problems with your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, please give us a call as soon as possible!

Toughees Telecoms provides an Apple Mac Repair Center in Delhi NCR We provide repair services for all Mac products: iMac Repairing, Mac Mini Repairing, MacBook Repairing, MacBook Air Repairing, MacBook Pro Repairing. Our aim is to provide an affordable, dependable and pleasant solution to all issues with your Mac devices. We understand that these devices are very valuable to their owners, which is why we work with all the devices as if they are our own. We wish to make the process of MacBook repair as convenient and easy as possible. We are well known for delivering the best Mac repair services in Delhi NCR. We provide our service to all users of Apple devices. We retain a high level of quality of service, while still offering a competitive pricing. We don’t want the process of repair to be an expensive one for you. This is why we make the pricing as reasonable as possible.

Mac Experts are here to help when things go away with your Apple MacBook. With our team of knowledgeable experts, technicians, and customer support representatives, MacBook repair services have never been easier, faster, or more comprehensive. Here’s just a taste of what we can do for you:

We can repair damaged screen hinges before they cause lasting damage to your screen.

  • We can repair damaged screen hinges before they cause lasting damage to your screen 
  • We can replace your damaged screen, whether it be LCD, LED or Retina display.
  • We can repair and/or replace faulty keyboards to get you typing again.
  • We can replace a damaged or inoperative trackpad.
  • We can restore your MacBook after liquid damage and repair/replace parts damaged by moisture.
  • We can help with data recovery and logic board repair, ensuring that your hard drive is consistently and efficiently operating.
  • We can replace damaged or worn fans, ensuring that your laptop’s internal parts remain cool and properly operating.

No matter what the nature of your MacBook emergency, we’ve got you covered. Laptop won’t turn on? Call us. Are programs or pages loading slowly? We’re here to help. Not only do we guarantee the highest-quality repairs and replacements, but we promise to always attempt repairing your MacBook’s components before resorting to replacing them.

In this way, we’re dedicated to providing outstanding service. Out-of-warranty MacBooks aren’t an issue for us. Our main concern is your happiness, which is why we’re one of the most trusted MacBook repair teams in Delhi ncr. Before giving your hard-earned money to a more expensive, less effective company, please give us a call and allow us to do what we do best.

What can Toughees Telecom do for you?

Certainly our MacBook service center is pretty optimistic we can help.Any kind of problem you run into with your MacBook hardware or software.We offer a diagnostic of your device with similar benefits as our other services.


The qualified technicians at Toughees Telecom perform a quick repair of your valuable MacBook gadget, so you can get back to your daily routine in no time.


We offer a good   warranty on all our repaired MacBook devices as per the component and for the cases to case basis. If you face any problem with the device we will fix it without any charge.


Toughees Telecom offers a Selective pick and Drop facility for customers who are not able to visit us due to corona time guidelines/ senior citizens/ busy working at home / busy with household chores / physically handicap/ or any valid reason . It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just call and schedule and we will ensure that we are able to do everything in good Turnaround time.


We don’t charge even a single penny when performing a diagnosis of your cracked or broken MacBook device.

Few latest Macbooks which we repair

macbook repair

Apple M1 Macbook Pro 14 Repair

Apple M1 Macbook Pro 16 Repair

Apple M1 Macbook Air Repair

Apple M1 Macbook Pro 13 Repair

we repair each and every model of Macbook

There are apparently many MacBook repair centers in Delhi Ncr, but there are some reasons that why you must choose Toughees Telecom above all, that includes:

No matter what issue you are facing with your MacBook , we are here to serve you. In order to address the issue with your device as fast as possible, we perform a quick diagnosis. Your device is repaired depending on the kind of issue. We will fix your MacBook in a manner that you won’t be facing any such problem with your device in future.

Common issues and repairs our technicians solves in daily basis

MacBook screen replacement
MacBook battery replacement
MacBook Air Trackpad Repair
MAC Keyboard Replacement
MacBook software issue
MacBook Logic board repair

Other Issues

Blackberry Water/Physical
damage repairing
Blackberry headphone jack replacement
Blackberry Home Button

You are most welcome to get a hold of us even if your mobile’s issues isn’t mentioned in the above list – we are an emerging shop in Delhi ncr and our goal is to win customers’ confidence by delivering the finest solutions to the people of Delhi Ncr within the committed timelines Blackberry Mobile Repair Delhi Ncr.

Quick Contact for MacBook Pro Repairing in Delhi Ncr


Yes we provide service for all latest MacBook models. We also provide doorstep service to all corporate sectors of Delhi Ncr.


We do not have any branches except as mentioned in the contact us page , Be aware of our imitation . Every nook and corner has MacBook repair experts and in our trade we receive feedback of misrepresentation on which we act very promptly and report , our brand name “Toughees Telecom “ is patent reserved; any misuse will imply legal action.

Service for Special customers

We have visiting as well reference customers of high esteem Bureaucrats/ Politicians/ Ex serviceman/ EXpats . we  understand their need for an instant time bound repair solution. Mostly their MacBook repair are done in exclusive time and in shortest timeline as of their time need and with all need precautions of data security , we only allow their visiting officer or themselves  to be part of our repair table as to be very assured on their confidentiality matters ,  we have been highly acknowledged and recommended for our special attention with these customers.

I am a visiting foreigner.

Welcome to INDIA , we understand your need for MacBook repair and your time limitation , your language understanding at Toughees telecom. We have all visiting customers recommended from embassies ,Travel house and google search. We understand your MacBook repair needs, as well if you need MacBook country unlocking support. Just call us and come !

We also provide

IPAD 4 Repairing
IPAD 3 Repairing
IPAD 2 Repairing
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