Retailers may stop selling Oneplus phones before May 2024. Here’s why!

As per the latest news, Oneplus is facing issues in India due to criticisms of their business practices. There is a possible unavailability of their phones for purchase. They may not be available for purchase in physical stores after May 1. 

This is because of improper warranty claims and low-profit margins for retailers. Due to this, they have stopped selling their products in physical stores across the country, which will impact their market presence and availability. 

This setback could hurt Oneplus in one of the world’s largest smartphone markets. Apart from this, a lack of proper warranty claim procedures has stopped potential buyers from purchasing One+ devices due to concerns about lack of customer support. 

According to other reports, some retailers are unhappy with the slow response to warranty and service requests from One+. Retailers have even tried to negotiate changes to One+ policy, but discussions have failed. Thus, the Online Retailer Association has terminated its partnership with One+ to prevent further damage to its reputation.If you plan to buy a One+ mobile phone, you should check out Toughees Telecom. They sell premium One+ mobiles in Delhi. Recently, there have been rumors that One+ stores might shut down all over India, but we believe One+ will resolve this issue soon. If you want the best price on One+ mobiles in Delhi, you can ask Toughees Telecom or BuyShuy for a quote.