The reason why Blackberry is in news

Mobile World Congress has started in February 27th. This event is special because there will be many new devices that will be launched in this weekend and will attract smartphone lovers from the entire world. BlackBerry is all set to launch its new smartphones. It is for sure that there will be lot of fun and enjoyment in the meeting.

In the press conference, people were expecting that BlackBerry will launch the device known as Mercury, though it’s not its official name. Reports were that the Mercury will be released at CES 2017, by the hands of president of TCL, BlackBerry’s holding company.

First look of Mercury was unveiled at CES. The smartphone would be similar to blackberry’s earlier iconic keyboard models that people just loved to use. Clear topography of the device is still not clear table, and all information about the set is collected via rumors.

BlackBerry Mercury is set to have the Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB RAM, and is supported by Android 7.0 Nougat. Its rumor that Verizon will support the device and launch its first look, but there is no report of exclusive partnership between the blackberry and the company as of now.

BB10’s after its great success is having a cold time in North America and seeing this it had opened the ways of adopting Android and making it the primary user interface for its upcoming models with icing on the cake by Blackberry by introducing a new security technique.

The recent devices launched by Blackberry are in the form of DTEK60 and DTEK50. These smartphones are basically TCL-made and is reported that these sets have met their target of the sales worldwide. DTEK50 looks exactly or more of a clone of Alcatel Idol 4, and is aimed mainly for enterprise and business customers in Canada and countries in the west Europe.

DTEK60 is more of customer friendly and very similar to Blackberry Priv. The unique selling feature of both the phones has consistent and robust security options, and is mainly developed to protect customers from Android’s security issues.

BB10 has an outstanding customer base worldwide and is mainly famous in government and enterprises consumers and some markets also.

Officials from the Blackberry has said  that company is only manufacturer next to Google that has promised the customers to  provide regular monthly updates in complete product line in line similar to Google SMR updates which release in every month regularly. This feature was first introduced in Pixel and later in BlackBerry.

The organization has possessed the capacity to keep up that rhythm up until now, routinely taking off security overhauls, as it guaranteed it would. Thurber indicated “critical changes” made to both the Linux piece and Android itself before the organization discharges it to general society on its Android-based gadgets. The work is finished by specialists situated in Ottawa, Mississauga and Waterloo, Ontario, and is connected inside the assembling procedure “where we touch every telephone and infuse a crypto-security key before it’s discharged from the plant.”

Thurber vowed there are no quick wants to discharge the DTEK application to non-BlackBerry marked gadgets, which seems to incorporate TCL’s Alcatel line.

On the off chance that there has been one strain of perpetual feedback towards BlackBerry, it is its advertising system, or scarcity in that department. Thurber just joined the organization in April 2016, so was not on board in going before years. He wouldn’t remark on what the organization had or hadn’t done previously, however addressed what ought to happen advancing.

For one, permitting ought to “improve” advertising programs, especially in light of area. “Likewise essential is that since they are nearby, they will manufacture an arrangement and venture technique that is centered around that market, guaranteeing they have neighborhood showcasing that will work and be precisely what they require.

BB10 is simple to use, stable mature and the only real corporate device till now. Furthermore, it doesn’t need an Apple or Google account to work, which is really intrusive. For personal and professional use it is best to rely on BB10 for a long term. It is sure that a lot of peoples like to have this third avenue beside iOS and Android.

Marketing at BlackBerry has been dismal to non-existent for far too long. Getting back on top of things is going to be a monumental task. I’m glad they are going to maintain the BB10 OS. The catastrophic decision to abandon PlayBook was certainly a big factor in BB’s hardware demise.

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