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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Smartphone Could Do

Smartphones are extremely powerful and can do a whole lot of things than one can even imagine! They are not merely capable of clicking awesome pictures and producing soul-calming sounds and other stuff but also do some cool things that you weren’t aware of earlier. Let’s talk about some unheard things that your smart-phone could certainly do but you weren’t aware of it as such.

  1. Make Payments

Using Google Wallet and NFC, one could simply pay for that coffee bill or a fast food bill with ease without lifting a penny! Talk about carrying wallets and!

  1. Superfast Charging

Most new devices (the flagship models, mind you!) have a feature called “turbo charging,” actually named as Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 which gives up to 8 hours of battery life with 30 minutes of charging! Super speed, eh?

  1. Checking Heart Rate, Pulse and Blood Pressure

The latest phones have a sensor that can sense such movements in your body. With the aid of simple apps you could easily check and calculate such intricate things with your smart-phone!

  1. Control your laptops/macbooks

Yes! This is possible. Most windows laptops and macbooks are easily accessible and controllable via the android smart-phones. The process isn’t complex like it may seem to be and can be learnt by anyone willing to learn. Also, there are some apps on the play store too!

  1. Becoming Mobile Hotspot for WiFi

Many users don’t know that their smart-phone could be turned into mobile hotspots just with the click of button! No need to download any app even; it’s in-built in the device! So, the next time you run out of data and your friend seems to carry an internet pack, don’t hesitate to ask him to turn on the WiFi hotspot!

These were simple tips and tricks for your android smart-phones. Hope you enjoyed them!