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Best Mobile Screen Replacement Solutions

Importance of screen replacement in Smart Phones

 In the age when everybody literally survives on their Smart phones, a day without them can be a nightmare for the users. The main element of a Smartphone is its screen which is a sole visual interface between the Smartphone and the user, and without which a Smartphone losses all it sheen and utility.


Toughees Telecom is here to address your Screen Replacement needs

Toughees Telecom provides on the spot Screen Replacement services for their customers at pocket friendly rates and providing them with genuine products. Screen replacement is a costly process as screen of a Smartphone make up to 50 percent of the value of a particular Smartphone.

There are large number of screen replacement centers in  south Delhi that provide Screen Replacement services, but after availing services from these store customers often complaint of low quality of screens fixed and exorbitant rates charged from them. You don’t need to worry as in Toughees Telecom is here to help you with screen replacement at affordable rates and with prime quality products.


Technicalities involved in Screen Replacement

Generally smart phones in India come with a warranty of a year or two, and in this term warranty cover is only valid for the phones that have not broken or malfunctioned due to physical damage. Screen replacement cost includes cost of display, touch pad, or the complete folder. Earlier smart phones came with detached display and touch, which made the whole process cheaper. Detached display and touch pad replacement proved to be cheaper because, display or touch pad whichever damaged can be replaced separately.

On the other hand Screen Replacement in the case of smart phones with folder display system proves to be a costlier one because whichever of the two Display or touchpad is damaged, a customer has to be get replaced both of them.