Common oneplus issues solved by toughees telecom

The OnePlus 6 is undoubtedly a stylish device, with an elegant glass design, dual rear cameras, and an impressive design. However, it has shortcomings that may leave you disappointed once you use the device.

As for those who already own this mobile phone, it is only a matter of knowing how to resolve the most common issues. Otherwise, you can have all your phone problems fixed with the help of a phone repair professional such as Toughees Telecom.

Here are some of the most common issues you may experience.

Problem 1: Poor battery life and frequent overheating

It is common among various smartphones to experience battery exhaustion and overheating, but the battery of this mobile phone also exhausts too quickly. When your phone is new, it is normal that it will heat up frequently because you will be downloading several apps and probably using them more than you realize.

So, if you are one of the customers experiencing battery issues with this phone, please get in touch with Toughees Telecom. Our team of repair experts will either uninstall some apps or update them to the latest version or reboot your device and wipe the cache partition.

Problem 2: Notifications arrive late

No matter what version of your device, many phone owners have expressed concern about delayed notifications. If you still need to, you can still fix this error by contacting our OnePlus repair service in Delhi, which will be able to assist you. Our solution will be to optimize the battery consumption of the device as well as disable alert notifications or turn off gaming mode to resolve the problem.

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Problem 3: Auto brightness flickers

There have been several reports indicating that the auto-brightness mode does not work properly on the phone. Some users have complained that their phones flicker under direct sunlight, and others have reported that the screens are much darker than usual.

Our experienced technician will assess the phone’s adaptive brightness or perform other necessary tasks during the repair process.

Problem 4: The phone suddenly shut down

Most Android smartphones are susceptible to this problem, but it is also possible that this phone may exhibit this problem in certain situations.

If your phone is experiencing heating issues, our OnePlus repair experts in Delhi may be able to resolve the issue, or it will be reset back to factory settings by our technicians.

Problem 5: Phone UI is laggy

An effective user interface is crucial to the success of any smartphone, and this model is no exception. A few reports have been published recently regarding the sluggishness of this model’s user interface.

This is where it may be possible to resolve some of the problems with the phone by adjusting some of its settings. Our technicians will remove the third-party launcher from the application.

Problem 6: Wi-Fi connection disruptions

The Wi-Fi connection may be disrupted in this model, and it is possible that the connection may become slow over time or that it may disconnect randomly.

Whatever we do, we make sure to work on the phone and refresh the connection after wiping the data and cache or rebooting the phone.

Problem 7: Troubleshooting Bluetooth

This mobile phone is not only susceptible to problems associated with Wi-Fi connectivity but also with Bluetooth connectivity. When you attempt to connect multiple devices to a mobile phone, Bluetooth problems are likely to occur.

Bluetooth connectivity issues are most frequently encountered in cars where the device cannot connect. It is still possible to connect to the phone even when the phone icon is not displayed.

It is the responsibility of our OnePlus Bluetooth repair experts in Delhi to make sure that the HD calling option is turned off in this situation.

Problem 8: Phone charge drains

Android users may also experience this issue with the OnePlus 6, as they will with all Android phones. If the charge occasionally goes off, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue.

The Toughees Telecom team is committed to following the charging regulations and not playing games with customers.


There are a few problems with the OnePlus 6 that may occur frequently. In some cases, the problem can be found deep within. Avoid tinkering with your phone yourself if you are experiencing problems, and seek assistance from a OnePlus screen repair in Delhi. In case you are looking for OnePlus service stores in Delhi, here is a solution. We at Toughees Telecom have a team of highly trained technicians who can resolve even the most complex issues related to the OnePlus 6. Please call us at +91-72898-9568 to discuss OnePlus phone repair at a time that is convenient for you.